Beatitude -- Where We are Leading You

Stain glass window of the Beatitudes, Church of the Resurrection, Wichita, KS. 


Lead Where?

Leader's don't just "lead" in the abstract. They must being leading us "somewhere." For the Catholic Faith, that somewhere is Beatitude--blessedness. Heaven is classically called "the Beatific Vision" in the Western Church, and we start living glimpses of this, our destination, here on earth if we are formed by the Virtues. And to do this is nothing more than living "a beautiful life."

Anyone who claims to be a leader, but does not have a specific destination they claim to be leading you toward, should not be trusted.

Here is the destination I hope, in some small way, this Institute helps walk down the path with you towards. Beatitude--our true home. 

For a more in-depth consideration of this point, please listen to the podcast below from the radio show I co-host, The UnCommon Good, with Dr. Bud Marr, and our guest Dr. Sheryl Overmyer.  

Bo Bonner