Pour Yourself Out! A Theology of Leadership


What is a Kenotic Leader?

Theology, if we chop the word up in its original Greek language, is the theos logia, the "Logos of God," which can be styled to mean the logic, the wisdom, the teaching, or even the words pertaining to God and how we might come to understand Him. But for us Christians, this will make us think, and rightly so, that Theology pertains also to the Word of God, Jesus Christ Himself. And thus, when we see someone purport to speak of "The Word of God" pertaining to Leadership, it might strike us as preposterous, or even a bit arrogant to put things in those terms. But on the contrary, there is nothing more pressing than leaders here on earth, whether that is being the head of a company, or being momentarily in charge of those who happen to be in need, to take to heart the Word God Himself said about Leadership, and He did so primarily through the life and example of Jesus. And what is it that Jesus shows us? That He who was "equal with God" did to take this as something to hold over others, but instead, poured Himself out, emptied Himself, taking on the form of us poor sinners for our sake. To add one more Greek word to the mix, this concept is called kenosis, and at the Zita Institute, our goal is to create a culture of kenotic leadership with those for whom we have the honor of partnering with. Learn more from the radio segment below:

Bo Bonner